Student Essay Contest



Buffalo Rzeszów Sister Cities, Inc. would like to thank all participants for submitting essay entries for our first Essay Contest in Rzeszów. This competition, our first seeking essay entries from Rzeszów, was very successful! We were very pleased with the many responses to our competition. It was rewarding to remark upon the creativity, the variety of themes, the extensive research, as well as the excellent quality of English demonstrated by the essay writers. Our purpose was to have Rzeszów area students learn about their American Sister City, Buffalo, New York. We can easily report that there are residents of Rzeszów who now know more about Buffalo than do many Buffalonians!

All of the entries were judged anonymously. The judges were not informed of participants names or schools, until after the completion of the judging of the entries. The five judges included two members of the Board of Directors of Buffalo Rzeszów Sister Cities, Inc., a teacher, a student, and a member of the community.


The prize winners are:

The first prize – $500
Grzegorz Ciebiera – Gimnazjum Nr 13  – “Buffalo-The Cultural Destination”

Christine Lukaszewicz-Kibler and Grzegorz Ciebiera


The second Prize – $200
Mateusz Piecuch – Gimnazjum Nr 11 – “Buffalo Bridges”

Christine Lukaszewicz-Kibler and Mateusz Piecuch


The third prize – $100
Dominik Ruman – Gimnazjum Nr 11 – “Buffalo Excursion”

Christine Lukaszewicz-Kibler and Dominik Ruman 



The award ceremony at the Rzeszów City Hall on September 15th 2014:

From left to right: Christine Lukaszewicz-Kibler, Grzegorz Ciebiera, Mateusz Piecuch, Dominik Ruman and Anna Lukaszewicz





From left to right: Alina Stadnik, Christine Lukaszewicz-Kibler, Anna Lukaszewicz and Elżbieta Piecuch







1. Introduction

Buffalo Rzeszow Sister Cities, Inc. is a not for profit organization created in 1976 by Buffalo Mayor Stanley Makowski. We are a member of Sister Cities International based in Washington, D.C. Our purpose is to promote cultural, educational, business, humanitarian and other cooperation between Buffalo, New York and Rzeszow, Podkarpackie, Poland. The Mayors of each city, working with their respective volunteers and staff, identify projects of mutual interest. We are a membership organization open to any person interested in the work of our organization.

2. Purpose

Buffalo Rzeszow Sister Cities, Inc. is sponsoring a student essay competition among City of Rzeszow students. Our purpose is to have Rzeszow area students become better acquainted and knowledgeable about their American Sister City-Buffalo New York. The idea for this project came after successful completion of the same type of competition for City of Buffalo students writing about Rzeszow. Now we wish to afford our Polish Sister City the same opportunity for its students.

Buffalo, New York is the second largest city in New York State boasting a population of 281,000. It is beginning to experience a renaissance with significant development of a Medical Campus comprised of at least 10 medical entities locating or upgrading including the relocation of the University at Buffalo Medical School; development of the Canalside Historic District as a waterfront entertainment, cultural and historic travel destination; development of Larkinville, and; being designated a major US arts/cultural destination. It was established in 1832.

3. Topic

Buffalo-Past, Present or Future Write an essay in English of no more than 1,000 words which tells a compelling story about a famous battle, a famous person who helped Buffalo become the city it is, how it was founded, what no one knows about Buffalo but should, or any other aspect of Buffalo past, present or future.

4. Eligibility

Students in gimnazjum ages 13-16 from Rzeszow public and private schools are eligible.

5. Awards

 The first prize winner will receive $500. The second place winner will receive $200 and the third place winner will receive $100. The winning literary works will be published in the Am Pol Eagle newspaper and a press release sent to all local media print and electronic.

6. Guidelines

  1. Present a factual and thoughtful essay.
  2. Creativity is encouraged.
  3. Students are encouraged to work with their teachers where possible.
  4. Any submission deemed to have been plagiarized will be returned to the student.
  5. Must be typed in English.

7. Timeline

Deadline: Delivered or postmarked by May 15, 2014. You may submit a hard copy or file electronically to: brsc [dot] contest [at] gmail [dot] com Include: your full name, school attended, grade level, phone number, e-mail address and home room teacher. Send completed entries to:   Buffalo Rzeszow Sister Cities, Inc. c/o Jim Serafin 115 Avery Place, Buffalo, New York  14225.

  1. Winners will be notified by June 10, 2014. Awards will be announced at the Annual Meeting to be held in June 2014. Afterward, the cash prizes will be forwarded to the winning students.


Essay Review Committee


An Essay Review Committee will be composed of five members as follows: two BRSC Board members, a teacher, a student representative and an at large community member. Chairperson is Therese Clarke


  1. All essays will be judged anonymously. They will be coded upon submission to insure anonymity.
  2. Decision of the judges is final.
  3. Selection criteria:

a. Adherence to guidelines – 10%

b. Ideas and content – 30%

c. Factual accuracy – 30%

d. References, footnotes, bibliography – 10%

e. Succinctness, organization, Appropriate to the literary work, coherent English – 20%






Buffalo, NY. Buffalo Rzeszow Sister Cities, Inc. announced the awarding of cash prizes to three Buffalo high school students. Entries were solicited from all public, private and charter schools within the City of Buffalo. The subject was to write a 1,000 word essay about Buffalo’s sister city in Poland, Rzeszow. A Committee chaired by Therese Clarke, BRSC Board member and a teacher, reviewed all the entries. “We were very pleased by the quality of the entries submitted,” stated Ms Clarke. “We relished the task and are pleased with results of this first year effort.”

The winners are:

Morgan Paladino Grade 11 Nardin Academy                $500.00

Daniel Henry III   Grade 9 Bishop Timon St. Jude        $100.00

Michael Bobak Grade 10 Canisius High School            $100.00

The Board of Directors of Buffalo Rzeszow Sister Cities, inc. held their annual meeting on June 4, 2013 at the Pitass Center located at St. Stanislaus Church. At this time each student was awarded their cash prize. Family, friends, home room teachers and guidance office staff were invited. The meeting was open to all BRSC members.


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